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Nockmarr, Tripedal Boy

Beautiful boy whose leg hath forsaken him

Nockmarr’s story

Filed under: Uncategorized — nockmarr at 2:54 am on Saturday, June 13, 2020

I adopted Nockmarr at the Humane Society in 2016. This long, slinky boy was instantly charming. He’s been a sweetheart as long as I have known him. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of him:

At this time we were fostering a group of 3 kittens. Nockmarr hid in the sink to escape the terrible tots. One of them ended up being a foster fail and became his little sister, Frodo.

My happy Christmas boy. Nockmarr has a magical ability to be super slinky and long, or squat and compact. He’s made of liquid. His face can also appear very harsh and intimidating, or as soft as an adorable teddy bear. I have so many pictures of him but I’ll spare you a giant photo dump.

Nockmarr is 7 years old this year. In April, I noticed a small swelling on his right foot. We made an appointment with the vet. At that point they were not sure what it was. They took a small needle aspirate and a blood sample, then we scheduled an x-ray. The first x-ray was inconclusive so we were told to just monitor the swelling and schedule another x-ray if there was any progression. The swelling began to grow and we noticed Nockmarr developed a slight limp. So after another x-ray and a consultation with a 2nd vet we were told an amputation was the best option.

It’s been a whirlwind since 3 days ago when he got his surgery. It feels like more than 3 days. I will make another post outlining the events over the course of the last few days, from the day of surgery and the ongoing recovery process. In the meanwhile, here are a couple pictures of the boy on his first night home from the vet:


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June 13, 2020 @ 1:14 pm   Reply

Hello and welcome! Omc Nockmarr is a handsome boy. When you say he is fluid, it reminds me of our Oscar 🙂

Huckleberry is also a right rear amp and he is rocking life on three almost 3 years later.

Looking forward to reading Nockmarr’s (adorable name!)story.
Jackie and Huckleberry

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